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Armadex makes hazardous area operations more efficient, modern and safer
by working with OEM manufacturers of state-of-the-art equipment.

ATEX Mobile Devices

ATEX Digital Camera – ARMADEX EX-M OZC 3

ATEX Keyboard – Armadex BT-Key-02

Why Armadex?

17 Years of Experience

Armadex was founded as an ATEX consultancy company 17 years ago. This compounded expertise is reflected in our product line up.

In-house Engineering

All Armadex products are manufactured/converted by our ATEX experts. This way we ensure quality and innovation.

Very Fast Delivery

The Armadex standard product range is ready for shipment 2-3 weeks after ordering. We also handle urgent cases.

Worldwide Shipping

Our dedicated logistics team arranges fast and safe shipping directly to your site, or nearest sea port or air port. Worldwide.

Knowledge & News

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