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ATEX 5-Step Fan Regulator

For regulating the temperature within the hazardous area, we anufactured an explosion proof room thermostat.




Armadex has engineered an explosion proof room temperature sensor to control the temperature in hazardous areas.


Our ATEX space heating systems can be equipped with an ATEX room temperature sensor and an ATEX 5 phase fan speed regulator for maximum comfort.


Optionally, a 5 phase explosion proof fan speed regulator can be distributed as an extra. As a result, you’ll be able to easily change the heating capacity in your hazardous area. The five-step fan regulator is located in a sturdy control panel which is perfect for usage in hazardous areas.


The ATEX room thermostat and ATEX 5 phase fan regulator are supplied with the following features:

  • ATEX Certification
  • Instructions For Use
  • Installation guidance for hazardous area
  • CE-marking is produced in accordance with the ISO 9001-2000 quality management framework.
  • Statement of conformity Class 3G/D





Stainless Sheet

Number of steps

13 – 5 steps

LxWxH (mm)

300 x 200 x 150


4 mounting brackets


Stainless steel version of the ATEX panel.

EU Directive

2014/34/EU (ATEX 114)

ATEX marking gas

ATEX Zone 2: II 3G Ex ic nA T4

ATEX marking dust

ATEX Zone 22: II 3D Ex ic tc T120°C

Applied Standards

EN 60079-0; Explosive atmospheres – Part 0: Equipment – General requirements EN 60079-11; Explosive atmospheres – Part 11 : Equipment protection by intrinsic safety "i" EN 60079-15; Explosive atmospheres – Part 15 : Equipment protection by type of protection "n" EN 60079-31; Explosive atmospheres – Part 31: Equipment dust ignition protection by enclosure "t"